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Strangers, coming together



And the beauty in hostels.


Strangers from all over the world – different walks of life, coming together for a couple of days. Not knowing who they will meet on this journey, but sharing experiences together, intense conversations and moments that will stay with them for life. The kind of stories that they will share with everyone back home, and one that will get passed down to their kids. The kind of moments that will open your heart and leave you feeling so connected, grateful for the time you shared together.


There’s a magic in it. An opportunity to learn. Both about the world, and yourself.


Because where else would you meet these people?


We live in our bubbles back home, interacting with the same people, usually those very similar to us. But when we travel – we can meet others we would unlikely meet if we were back home.


Friendships get formed, and you suddenly have an international community around you.

A wealth of experience and understanding thanks to those real life conversations.




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