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Clean, but not polished.

Basic rooms, clean, but not polished.

Tropical weather, and all the bugs that come with it, clean, but not polished.

Sandy feet, crabby beaches, clean, but not polished.

Cold showers, greasy hair, clean, but not polished.

Dusty roads, no sidewalks, clean, but not polished.

Warm air, fans, and no AC, clean but not polished.

There’s so much beauty in the natural. In nature. And the most beautiful thing about nature, is that it’s never polished.

As humans we seem to try so hard to separate ourselves from nature. To create division because we see ourselves as so much more. More enlightened, more important, more special.

Yet nature has the capacity to wipe us all out. It’s the one thing that we will never be able to fully control. And let’s face it, we aren’t that great at letting go off control.

But when we allow ourselves to be with nature. To walk amongst trees, to feel the ground and all the muck that comes with it, to be okay with getting a little dirty, having a little grease in our hair. It almost feels therapeutic.

Just like nature, we don’t have to be perfect.


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